DVD for all ages

Due to viewer requests, we now have a DVD with “3 Qigong Daily Practices.” The DVD includes: 8 Brocades, Daily Qigong, and Qigong with Weights. A Menu on the DVD allows you to choose which of the 3 routines you would like to do.

This DVD is designed for people of all ages, and especially for Seniors and Beginners. Health Professionals often suggest doing Qigong daily – because the stretching and breathing can help improve one’s overall health.

As well as easy instructions, Don Fiore also shares the health benefits for each Qigong movement. More of his easy daily exercise movements can be found on Don’s YouTube Channel – www.youtube.com/taichihealthproducts.

Video & Music: Tori Fiore Film Projects
Copyright 2019 by Don Fiore & Victoria Fiore. All rights reserved.

3 Daily Qigong Practices

DVD – $40 
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