Teachers and students report that doing easy Tai Chi and Qigong daily can help:

  • lower blood pressure
  • increase circulation
  • aid digestion; balance weight
  • improve muscle flexibility
  • help with balance
  • increase energy
  • enhance clarity
  • and reduce stress.


The National Parkinson Foundation website and Health Professionals recommend the first DVD below - “Easy TaiChi-Qigong.” You can ORDER with a credit card, mail us a check, or call us for a phone order if you have a US credit card. All out-of-country orders need to go through PayPal on our website, and $14 will be added for shipping outside the US.

Our Free videos:

You will find over 100 free videos to watch on our YouTube channel -  youtube.com/c/

Enjoy 5 to 20 minute Tai Chi and Qigong practice sessions on that channel.

Also there are inspirational meditative short videos for peace, reflection and healing.