Learn Tai Chi and Qigong

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Learn Tai Chi and Qigong

Improve Your Health Videos

These are only some of the over 100 videos you can watch on our
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Daily QIGONG and Affirmations (Part 1)
a 5-minute movement meditation

Don Fiore shares Easy Qigong and Affirmations in this movement meditation. After reading from Unity’s Daily Word each day, Don walks in Nature and does stretching and breathing – finishing with a quiet Meditation, feeling grateful for all that Life has to offer. Enjoy the peaceful Ocean sounds as you join in with this daily meditation. Order the “Qigong with Affirmations” DVD on this website. Video & Music: Tori Fiore Film Projects. Copyright 2014.

Daily QIGONG and Affirmations (Part 2)
a 6-minute movement meditation

Due to viewers requests, we added Part 2 of daily Qigong with Affirmations to our youtube channel. Part 1 and 2 are samples of the type of easy movements on our “Qigong with Affirmation” 40-minute DVD that you can order on the Home page of this website.
Video: Tori Fiore Film Projects. Copyright 2014.

Daily Movements for Better Balance and Health

Enjoy this 8-minute exercise routine for better balance and overall health. These are sample movements from our most popular DVD that is sent around the world. You can order the “Easy TaiChi-Qigong” DVD from the Home page of this website. It is the first item as you scroll down the Home page. 

8 Brocades – Daily Exercise with Don Fiore

TaiChiHealthProducts.org presents Don Fiore sharing a daily Qigong exercise that can strengthen the stomach, spleen, digestion, liver, heart, lungs, kidneys, and all parts of the body. Join in this easy 9 minute movement meditation. 8 Brocades is now part of our “3 QIGONG Daily Practices” DVD. Music & Video: Tori Fiore Film Projects. Copyright 2019.

Daily Qigong and Louhan Patting

These are sample movements found on our new improved “Daily Qigong & Daily Tai Chi” DVD. With Don’s easy teaching style, it’s like having a Tai Chi and Qigong class in your home.

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